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Chassis Dyno


Your truck is your business.  Make sure it is running as efficiently as possible.

Our brand new state of the art Taylor Chassis Dynamometer will run a full system check of your engine.  We can quickly diagnose service and performance issues as well as maximize your engine’s efficiency.  Just some of the things we can do: 


  • Find Low Horsepower
  • Check for Overheating
  • Find Lost Fuel Economy
  • Engine Tuning
  • Check Speedometer Precision
  • Break in your rebuilt engine



Engine Dyno


 Every engine we build is tested on our new Taylor Engine Dyno.  Buy a used engine?  Run it on our dyno first before you have it installed.  Our engine dyno can: 


  • Test Oil pressure
  • Find Leaks
  • Check Blow-by
  • Break in your rebuilt engine